Monday, January 30, 2012

Pictures, Pictures, Everywhere!

It really is sad. We have lived in our house about 6 years now and there has been one thing missing from our humble abode. Pictures. I think this is kind of funny because I love taking pictures and archiving our lives in scrapbooks and photo books. In my old house before I got married, I had pictures everywhere. I'm not sure what happened here. Maybe I just got too busy (or lazy). With the invention of digital cameras, I rarely have pictures developed.

In the past month, I've decided that my picture hiatus needed to change. We have a huge wall in our living room that was in desperate need of something. I just wasn't sure what that "something" was. Then it came to Not just a couple 5 x7s or 8 x 10s thrown up there, but something bigger. Hanging pictures is always a big deal for me. I count myself as a bit of a perfectionist in many areas of my life. I like order (although you couldn't tell that by the "order" of my house these days). When it comes to hanging stuff on the walls, I'm a random person. I don't like to take the time to measure and make sure it is perfect. Enter my husband....he doesn't mind (and I think kind of likes) to measure and make sure things are done perfectly....the first time.

On our trip to the mountains in the Fall of last year, I took some pictures of trees/leaves when we went on a hike. I thought the colors would be a nice compliment to our living room, so that is the subject of our wall hanging conglomeration. I think it turned out pretty good in the end. Many thanks to my husband for doing all the hard work (in my eyes anyway).

A very empty canvas.

Painters tape to help guide the process of hanging the pictures in a very symmetrical way.
Again, a reason I'm happy to be married to a very precise person.

First two are up with no major issue.

Measuring at LEAST twice, maybe three times.

The final product. I think it looks great.
Just enough spacing and all the frames line up and are level.

Up close view of the pictures we chose.
Before and After.

So you have an idea, this is MY idea of hanging pictures. In our hallway, I replaced the pitiful
3 frames that were hanging by themselves for an eternity with this array of pictures of our family.
I like it much better. As you can see....there is NO measuring involved whatsoever. I just stuck a nail in
the wall and hung the frame. I knocked it out in about 15 minutes verses the project above!

This is the other way I like to display a lot of pictures at one time. I made a collage poster and had
it printed at an online picture company. This collage has a great mixture of vacations that we have
taken as a young married couple and later with our oldest son. It is a fun reminder of various trips we
have taken. This hangs on another wall in the hallway near my new photo wall.

The trick from here on out will be to remember to change out pictures every now and
then with new ones! That may be the hardest thing to do of all!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome To My Little Yellow Room

I'm not exactly sure why at this point, but I woke up inspired to put together this little blog. I have a few life changes coming down the pike in the next month and my mind races EVERY DAY with the possibilities once my full time job ends and I'm home 24/7. I envision being able to be fully here for my boys and worries about being tied to the phone or computer anticipating the next crisis at work. I'll be able to "keep house" the way I haven't been able to do so in the past (on a daily basis vs. once every month or so). I'll be able to do more "stuff" with the boys....going outside on a walk in the middle of the day, story time at the library, an impromptu trip to the playground, the list could go on and on. I have loved to do crafty things ever since I was a little girl. I have a little yellow room in my house to prove how much I love crafts. When we built our house several years ago, my husband's main request was a TV room....mine was a room where I can put all my stuff.

My little yellow room is pretty cool. It has evolved a little since my first son, now four years old, came along. Instead of only stamps, scrapbook supplies and fancy paper taking over my room....I have all kinds of fun projects stowed away in the closet for him, construction paper, glue, lots of random stuff. I love the possibilites of all the cool stuff we can do together and what I can do on my own time.

I want this blog to be the place where I share some of the fun stuff I get to do with my boys, photographs that I have taken (I'm still learning how to do this better), food I've made, cupcakes and cakes I've decorated, paintings, ways I attempt to organize stuff and other random projects. I have a serious obsession with Pinterest these days as so many other people do. I see so many possibilities out there and things I would LOVE to do but just haven't made the time. My goal is to revisit some of the great ideas and do something with them....not just admire the pretty pictures and day I'll do that. I want to take advantage of my creativeness and actually do something. Instead of just copying ideas, hopefully my creative juices will start flowing once again (once I get away from my business mindset I've been stuck in for many many years) and "make it my own"or maybe even create something I've never seen before. We'll see where the future leads!

I'm not sure if anyone will even care what I'm doing in my little yellow room. If nothing else, it will be a way to document my journey and remember this season of my life where I have the time and ability to do some great stuff with my kids and for myself. I have a feeling my husband will be roped into some of the projects too as they involve wood working and building--not my strength. If you are interested in following my journey, feel free to subscribe by email at the top of the page and keep up with My Little Yellow Room!