Monday, August 12, 2013

Around The Clock Bridal Shower

My mom and I hosted an "Around the Clock" bridal shower for my cousin's fiancée. This shower tended to be a little more difficult since the shower was in Indiana and we live in Tennessee. 
I think everything came together very nicely in the end.

The basic premise of the around the clock shower is that each guest is assigned a time of day or a theme that they are responsible for. Each time is a jumping off point to be creative and design the shower gift around it. Here is the list of times that I picked from for this particular shower:

Disney (they are getting married at Disney World)

Here is what I made for the bride to be...mine was "dessert time." I went with a trifle theme.
I made several recipe cards that had various trifle recipes, added some kitchen towels/pot holders that she actually registered for, a big trifle bowl and 4 mini-trifle bowls.

I actually etched the trifle bowl with her new last name.
Here is one of the mini trifle bowls that I etched with their initial.

Another guest had holiday time. She got inventive and gave a holiday craft book, cookie cutters for Easter, Halloween, Christmas and a package of very cute tea towels for each holiday.

Our welcoming table designed to look like a clock.

We asked the guests to bring a favorite recipe to share with the bride to be.
We got a nice binder for the recipes for them.

I made a guest book/gift book for the bride to use at our shower and future showers.

We opted for a dessert bar for the food choices.

We made fruit salsa and served it with "brownie brittle" we found at the store and cinnamon pita chips.

My cousin and his fiancée are getting married at Disney World (in the Japanese Gardens at Epcot). Due to their affinity for the Japanese culture, I made some dessert sushi to add a little fun to the table. The ladies weren't too sure about eating sushi at a bridal shower. I had to assure them that they were only made of rice krispie treats and candy. I took that as a good sign that they thought it looked real. 

Up close view of the sushi. I used laffy taffy and swedish fish on the "sashimi" and some white icing and orange sugar sprinkles on the rolls. I rolled the outside in crushed chocolate graham crackers. 

I made strawberry lemon trifles in cute little shot glasses and tiny spoons.

What's a shower without cupcakes?

Spumoni cupcakes...the cupcake is half cherry and half pistachio topped
with chocolate icing and a cherry on top.