Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Project: Butterfly Cupcakes

This past weekend, we celebrated my grandma's 85th birthday. She decided she wanted to have a party so she could see her friends and celebrate this occasion. Planning for the event started back in January. My mom and aunt were in charge of getting everything organized. I am known as the crafty one of the bunch....the only granddaughter. My mom and I did a lot of the buying of decorating supplies and my mom did a great job organizing and packing everything so nothing would be left behind (we had to take everything from Tennessee to Indiana). My main contribution to the party was the cupcake. Mom found this idea with butterfly wings and we proceeded from there. This is how our cupcakes came together:

We used chocolate to pipe the wings of each butterfly. We planned on over 100 cupcakes, so we had well over  200 little wings (I anticipated breakage on the journey from Tennessee). I found a butterfly template that we used for all the little wings.

After the outline of the wing set, we proceeded to fill the inside with colored chocolate.
Butterflies of all colors could be found on my kitchen and dining room tables.

I was in charge of all the cupcake baking. I started early on Thursday morning and baked 120 cupcakes (all before 8:30 AM I might add).

Saturday morning in Indiana. I iced all the cupcakes preparing them for our little butterfly wings.

Here's the final product.

I just love the cupcake stand that my aunt found to display the cupcakes on the main table. I'm VERY EXCITED that I'm the new owner of said cupcake display. Happy Birthday to me :-)

 I'm so happy with the way they turned out. We had many, many compliments on them!

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