Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project: Butterfly Birthday Party

A very special thank you to my grandmother who LOVES butterflies. You cannot go anywhere in her home and not be surrounded by the beautiful creatures. What better theme for her 85th birthday celebration than butterflies. You already saw what I consider the main attraction. Here are just a few other decorations that we put together for the big day.

We found a perfect box at Michaels that is meant to look like a book. The "book" has pictures of
butterflies all over it. Guests placed birthday cards in the box. It was a perfect accompaniment to the guestbook.

I made a guestbook for everyone to sign. Instead of the boring, "just sign on this line to say
you were here," I used some butterfly pictures my friend Brent let me use as the background to
each page and used scanned pictures of grandma as a child, young adult and now as a grandma to
1 granddaughter, 4 grandsons and 2 great-grandsons. It was a perfect addition to the party
and a nice way for her to look back on the day. 

My mom made this lovely butterfly bouquet. I guess I probably get some of my craftiness from her!

Each table had either a hurricane lamp or wine glasses in the middle of the table flanked by two vases
with white and yellow daisies (some of grandma's favorite flowers). We added little butterflies
to the table as a quick splash of color throughout each table.

The florist did the arrangement in the hurricane lamp sitting on the guestbook table.
She did a beautiful job with the yellow roses and daisies.

Under the wine glasses, we placed some greenery and daisies.
We placed votive candles on the stem of the glass. They were very pretty.

Our simple food table.

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