Monday, November 19, 2012

Star Wars Wreath

My son celebrated his fifth birthday this past weekend. I spent a couple weeks putting everything together for his Star Wars party. This is one of the things I came up with. I always like to have something on the door welcoming our guests. I came up with this Star Wars wreath. I will tell you that in putting together this party, the Williams Sonoma Star Wars cookie cutters were a LIFE SAVER to me. I discovered I could do so much with them. I used them for this wreath, for my son's birthday cake, actual cookies for his preschool class and I'm sure somewhere else along the way.

I was reading one night about salt dough ornaments for Christmas. I suddenly thought....I could do that with the Star Wars cookie cutters and I was right. I went into the kitchen immediately and baked up a batch. Over the next week, I took some time (not a lot) in painting each of the ornaments. I found this wreath in the Halloween clarence isle and thought it would be just right for the occasion.

When I baked each ornament, I punched a hole in the top so I would be able to string them to the wreath. I figure I will give the ornaments to my son for his own special Christmas tree which will send him over the moon! Such a super-simple project to get done. Hope you enjoy it!

 Stay tuned for more from our Star Wars extravaganza!
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